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Vincenzo Vassallo - CEO R&D - CONSITECH, ConsiteVincenzo Vassallo - CEO R&D - CONSITECH
When it comes to the logistics industry, every single parcel or pallet handled is a revenue opportunity. To unlock the optimum profit margins and stay on top of the freight costs, businesses need to accurately estimate the weight and volume of each good. Incorrect volume or weight data can generate inaccurate billings and underpayments. Besides, retrieving the faulty information on the dimensions can compromise the optimised use of warehouse spaces, lead times, shipping and transporting costs. These consequently hinder businesses from achieving transparency across the entire supply chain, from logistics to final consumer, and curtail the desired revenue generation.

This is where Consite Italia Srl takes centre stage. The company helps businesses leverage advanced software to estimate the weight and volume of the products with accuracy and speed. Their tools ensure the correct collection, management, and processing of the attained dimensional data to streamline and improve efficiencies of the business processes. “We have successfully translated years of expertise to build complete systems with proprietary software for real-time weight-volume calculation to meet the current structural and operational needs of customers and ensure interoperability between products and systems,” mentions Dr Vincenzo Vassallo, CEO of Consite.

Innovation at its Core

Having emerged in the IT consulting field around 21 years ago, Consite pursues its objectives to redesign operations—from the transformation of the value chain to individual production phases. With innovation at its core, the company has also set up its R&D CONSITECH business unit in 2014 to solely focus on new ways of recognising and acquiring data for large volume packages in unstructured and mission-critical environments like airports.

Over the years, Consite has evolved its products and solutions with modern systems to acquire and manage data. They have built the C4RGO line of solutions that feature the first and only volumetric detector in terms of size and performance. They introduced the first “C4RGO-NRG” system equipped with 2D technology integrated with an RX machine for the customs operators. This was capable of acquiring all the goods data on pallets, including weight, dimension, package code, volume in-bound, and images of RX scans, in just 18 seconds and transferring them to the company ERP or WMS in real-time. Further, CONSITECH coordinates all the steps crucial for implementing each C4RGO system proposed in turnkey mode. No wonder that the company has many reputed clients among the manufacturing companies, consolidators, port warehouses, and energy Corporations such as Baker Hughes, a GE company for the Gas & Oil sector, with one of its main hubs based in Florence, Tuscany.

Optimising Value Chain with a Multi-Volume Scanner

Bringing further enhancements, Consite introduced the first multi-volume data scanner, DS-C4RGO, which automatically identifies and manages the measurements of objects, goods, products of different sizes and consistencies at the same time. Leveraging the 3D industrial vision and proprietary metrology software, the detection system can automatically identify and manage the weight, dimensions, and shapes in few seconds without contact and movement. DS-C4RGO is customisable and offers accurate data of the goods that help eliminate the process complexities for data acquisition and transmission and increase operational flexibility with an immediate cost reduction. Further, the modular structure makes it easy to choose single modules for small dimensions and regular objects or a combination of several modules to detect more than 70mc of volumes for irregular objects. Such benefits encourage airport carriers, consolidators, 3PL and 4PL couriers, freight forwarders, and many more to invest in this product safely. “DS-C4RGO proves that innovation is a long-term asset, enhancing automatic management of logistics and production processes with increased traceability across the entire supply chain,” mentions Vassallo.

We have successfully translated years of expertise to build complete systems with proprietary software for real-time weight-volume calculation to meet the current structural and operational needs of customers and ensure interoperability between products and systems

In recent years, the company has been immensely focused on the design and production of comprehensive systems for the automatic acquisition, monitoring and verification of data with the use of 3D artificial vision, virtual reality technologies, merged with consolidated technologies like automatic identification of barcodes or RFID, sensors for weight and dimension inspection and measurement.

Bringing to fore the efficacy of CONSITE’s solutions, the CEO mentioned the story of Malpensa Airport (MXP) that required building precise, fast tools for monitoring and acquiring diverse data. The client has vital operators like Nippon Cargo and Air France KLM, UPS groups that serve as collector goods to the main European hubs. Consite offered the DS-C4RGO “Air” in the Malpensa Hub. The DS-C4RGO was set at the height of 5m without any support element on the ground to avoid any hindrances to the movement of goods. And the most difficult part of the project was to coordinate 25 3D cameras simultaneously on the same scene, identify each package, and provide images and dimensions for the individual items in few seconds. CONSITECH technicians customdesigned a suspended supporting structure for this with the capability to embrace the beams of the building without any holes over a height of 10 metres.

Managing the Business Growth with Market Expectations

Consite focuses immensely on appropriate planning of the process to forecast the potential problems that can compromise with the success. At the onset, Consite executes an environmental study to evaluate the degrees of work complexities. They also leverage project management capabilities to operate with speed and optimal effectiveness for the maximum benefit of customers. The company manages everything from the consulting phase accompanied by a feasibility study, then move on to design, construction and installation, and maintenance. “We act as the only interlocutor, able to manage all the services, offering a management advantage and organisational optimisation,” remarks Vassallo.

The services of CONSITE are integrated with the C4RGO-Cloud and Cloud+ that offer a real work and postprocess environment. This provides the possibility to grow and add DS-C4RGO systems over time, eliminating regular investments in IT. Besides, the data collected and organized at multiple stations can easily be standardised and seamlessly integrated with company systems. The information is protected and unshared while the same hardware, storage resources, and network devices are shared with other organisations. Consite also prioritises data protection in data centres with SOC2 certification, encryption, and double-factor monitored access.

What’s more? Consite is a green company that uses 100 percent clean energy for its own needs by developing flexible systems and applications for data acquisition and optimising allocation spaces. They integrate their solutions with WMS and support complete sizing and predict transport volumes (TMS) and advanced technologies for handling goods.

Years of testing and uninterrupted operation have driven Consite to become the best economic, technological and strategic choice in the industry today. Additionally, the new C4RGO-Mini is expected to come out of the experimental phase to a real line of standard solutions. Newer services and products are also currently being studied for the use of systems in complex environments for the pharmaceutical, chemical and “cold” sectors. Additionally, as 4.0 technology becomes truly integrated and ready-to-use, CONSITE is committed to managing the business growth with market expectations. “We work to ensure that the digital innovation path does not remain within the company boundaries but is able to enthusiastically overwhelm all the value chains,” concludes Vassallo

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Vincenzo Vassallo - CEO R&D - CONSITECH

The company offers a new generation of multi-sensor measuring systems for the detection of multiple volumes in both small and large formats