CORE: How a Digitised Supply Chain Gives You Competitive Advantage

Benjamin Puncher, CEO & Co-Founder. , COREBenjamin Puncher, CEO & Co-Founder.
The business environment of the UK has undergone drastic changes recently. The EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement came into effect within a week of its finalisation, giving companies little time to adapt to the new rules and regulations. This situation escalated with the coronavirus pandemic’s arrival as lockdowns were imposed, which transformed consumer behaviour. Online shopping became the new normal, and businesses faced supply chain challenges as several were unprepared for such unexpected scenarios. Many failed to keep track of their shipments and customs-related processes, while others struggled with the new trade laws. Supporting businesses throughout the disruptions was CORE—a leading provider of digitised supply chain management solutions, based in the UK—who’s innovative software helped customers work smarter and efficiently, adapting to the challenges effectively. Benjamin Puncher, CEO & Co-Founder of CORE, says, “The past 18 months have been a challenge for every business and without doubt, the pandemic has shown that it is better to be prepared for a crisis rather than to react once it has arrived. Our solutions proved invaluable during these challenging times as they enabled our customers to control their inventory more efficiently, giving them a single view of key supply chain data, which meant they had all the relevant information to hand to adapt, predict and respond in real time.”

CORE is a globally renowned name for its innovative solutions that enable customers worldwide to improve transparency and accountability in their supply chains. Customers include Primark, M&S and ASDA for which they provide transformative solutions with their product suite. These solutions are highly configurable and can be customised per the client’s requisites to generate optimum results. In April this year they received one of the biggest business accolades, the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the International Trade category 2021, in recognition for its extraordinary growth overseas and groundbreaking technology. Benjamin Puncher, CEO & Co-Founder of CORE, says, “Achieving this award is recognition of an impressive team effort. In recent years, we have successfully entered new markets and launched new solutions to meet the needs of our customers, whilst maintaining our reputation for exceptional delivery and collaboration which makes us stand out. Innovation is at the heart of everything we do and our mission is to help businesses advance with a smarter digitised supply chain so they can reap the benefits.”

CORE’s innovation is evident as it gears itself towards the launch of TariffTel Premium, a major development to its customs classification tool TariffTel, that ensures increased productivity and compliance in the HS code classification process for businesses trading internationally with a product catalogue up to 10,000 SKUs.

We are an entrepreneurial and agile organisation with our long term vision clearly in sight: to be a strategic partner to our customers as they build and realise the benefits of a sustainable and smarter supply chain

This easy to use service monitors and updates HS codes to provide peace of mind that product records are up to date.The latest HS Codes and duty rates are incorporated onto a single digitised database and the solution now offers customers a revolutionary or unique HS Code Maintenance Assistance function. Classifying products quickly and determining the correct tariff code for imported and exported goods, ensures businesses remain compliant with regulations, and saves significant costs in duties in the process. TariffTel Premium, launching later in the year, will allow bulk classification from Excel, reports and systems for a speedy, compliant response. All is managed on a personalised dashboard, easily integrated with third-party systems, with custom authority news, advice and customer support to optimise the customs compliance process which can prove a challenge for many businesses.

Impact on the environment is a concern for many executives today and is another area in which CORE has focused its efforts in recent years to support businesses in achieving their sustainability initiatives. CORE has developed Leaf—a pioneering new supply chain sustainability solution that enables businesses to determine the environmental impact in their logistics operations. Leaf provides key data such as water usage, product recyclability, waste management, carbon emissions and toxic chemical usage, all of which can be monitored to support sustainable initiatives. Leaf is proving particularly important for high street fast-fashion brands who can now determine fibre footprinting and the environmental impact of the fabric they produce.

Elaborating, Benjamin adds, “Through our sustainability platform Leaf, we have helped our customers understand their environmental impact by collecting supply chain data from suppliers, farms and mills. We combine this with data from environmental organisations to produce their unique environmental footprint. This has helped our customers become signatories to sustainable initiatives, enabling them to share their commitment and progress in a more public and open way.”

CORE has helped numerous businesses achieve supply chain efficiencies and has forged strong relationships with its customers as a result—the reason behind its reputation as a customer-centric brand. The company has grown significantly in the past couple of years and has delivered exceptional services to clients across the globe, and it intends to expand its footprint in the US, Asia and Europe. As Benjamin concludes, “Our platforms help businesses gain a competitive edge and be more cost-effective. We are an entrepreneurial and agile organisation with our long term vision clearly in sight: to be a strategic partner to our customers as they build and realise the benefits of a sustainable and smarter supply chain.”

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Marylebone, London, UK.

Benjamin Puncher, CEO & Co-Founder.

CORE is a leading provider of digitised supply chain management solutions, based in the UK. Their innovative software solutions help customers work smarter and efficiently realising the benefits of a digitised supply chain. They provide supply chain management, customs classification and sustainability solutions to global businesses: Suppliview™, a supply chain management and visibility solution, TariffTel™ an online customs classification management system, Leaf™, a pioneering sustainability solution that determines environmental impact. CORE was awarded the Queen's Award for Enterprise for International Trade 2021